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Who should I contact to learn more?

If you would like to learn more about the Art Through the Ages Program and Study please call us at 855-699-8722 (toll-free) or email us at Or, fill out a contact form HERE and we will contact you. 

Are there any benefits of participating in the program and research study?

The program is designed to provide elementary school children with high-quality, standards-based visual arts education. Given the current constraints on educational budgets, the Art Through the Ages program may help deliver high-quality art education to young children which it may be otherwise difficult for them to receive. Plus, children usually enjoy learning about famous artists and participating in hands-on art activities. Older adult volunteers may enjoy their service as art ambassadors and feel good about their efforts to teach art to young children. Art ambassadors may also enjoy learning about the master artists and engaging in fun art activities. Volunteers may also enjoy meeting new people who also participate in the program and spending time with children. The Art Through the Ages program also provides a forum for strengthening intergenerational ties by bringing older adults and young children together united in the common goal of learning about master artists of the past and present and engaging in fun art activities.

If I decide to participate do I have to volunteer for a specific length of time?

We ask all ATTA volunteers to participate for an entire school year in order to ensure that we can provide a participating elementary school with a monthly art lesson each month of the school year except for the first and last month. However, the time commitment may be shorter if you join the program later in the school year or we partner with a school later in the school year. Although we ask all volunteers to make a commitment for one school year, as with any volunteer activity, you can choose to end your participation in the program or study at any time.

Will I get paid for participation in the ATTA Program and Research Study?

ATTA art ambassadors are asked to volunteer their time. ATTA participants will be given small monetary gifts to thank them for their efforts in completing specific research study activities.

Does it cost anything to participate in the ATTA Program and Research Study?

No, participation is completely free.

What is the Art Through the Ages (ATTA) Program and Research Study?

Art Through the Ages (ATTA) is an art education program that brings together older adults and young children to learn about master artists (e.g., Van Gogh, Picasso) of the past and present. The goal of the program is to enlist the time, energy and wisdom of older adult volunteers to serve as art ambassadors, teaching young children about the lives and works of master artists and guidinging them in fun, hands-on art activities. The research study component is designed to learn more about the experience of participating in the ATTA program. What does volunteer service as an ATTA Art Ambassador entail? ATTA art ambassadors are the backbone of the ATTA program. Working in teams, ATTA art ambassadors teach children about a specific master artist (e.g., Picasso) in a monthly art assembly. The script and all the materials used to teach children about the master artist are provided by the program. ATTA volunteers also lead children through a hands-on art activity in individual school classrooms. Typically, ATTA art ambassadors will assist in approximately four half-hour art activity sessions each month although the actual number will depend on volunteer availability and scheduling needs. Volunteer service as an arts ambassador includes a monthly training meeting in which you will be provided with all of the materials needed to guide children in art activities. NO EXPERIENCE OR SPECIFIC SKILLS ARE NEEDED TO BE AN ATTA ART AMBASSADOR. The art education program used by the ATTA program is specifically designed to be run by volunteers without any former art education or art skills.

What is the purpose of the ATTA Research Study?

The goal of the ATTA Research Study is to gather important information about individuals' experiences as ATTA Art Ambassadors and how these experiences might be connected to volunteers' mental and physical well-being. This information will be used to improve the ATTA Program and the volunteer experience. The ATTA Research Study is a key component to the the successful development of the ATTA Program. As part of their participation in the ATTA study, art ambassadors will be asked to fill out surveys that ask about their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, health and well-being. They will also be asked to participate in activities designed to assess their cognitive and physical health, such as playing computerized games that test memory and physical tests that measure walking speed.

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