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project talent aging study

The Project Talent Aging Study (PTAS) examines the role of adolescent and life course educational, behavioral, family, and psychosocial characteristics on cognitive function in later adulthood.   This longitudinal study follows a subset of participants from the Project Talent cohort first assessed during high school in 1960. late

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We are looking for volunteers age 55 and older for a research study on the connection between autobiographical memory and mood states. Volunteers can complete this 25-minute study by computer in their own home. Study volunteers will be asked to complete a writing task and a short survey online by computer. 

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Living Canvases

Living Canvases is an intergenerational life review and art-making program designed to bring together younger and older individuals and the community as a whole.  Elder participants chart their life story and identify a key turning point from their life during three Living Canvases workshops.  Participants' life stories are then translated into visual art form by young artists who receive the wisdom of elders’ life experiences through art creation.  

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The REACH Study

​     Help us unlock the secrets to a healthy mind...

The Recording Everyday Activities, Cognition, and Health (REACH) Study examines the connections between our everyday experiences and activities and the health of our minds. Volunteers are asked to attend two lab sessions to complete surveys and measures of memory. Volunteers are also asked to complete daily surveys and computerized brain games.

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Participate in our lab:

We welcome the participation of students and volunteers in our research. Visit the “Contact Us” link above for information on how to contact us.

Art Through the Ages

​     An Intergenerational Approach to Art Education

​Art Through the Ages (ATTA) is an interactive art education program that brings children and older adults together. Adults age 55 and over teach young children about art and guide them in fun art activities. No art or teaching experience is required. 

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